The Moira Experience


MOIRA, a sleepy- yet beautiful little village set amidst the perfect harmony of tropical sunshine over the vast-green-paddy fields with Mapusa river seeping through the coconut groves, a distant ring of church bells, and painting-like silhouettes of the boats at the riverbank during Dawn. This village is a perfect location for a get-away from all the daily hustle and bustle. Wake up to the smell of the early morning and the chirping of birds-Imagine walking through the lanes with timeworn Goan and Portuguese houses! That’s Goa beyond the beaches, connected close to nature and unseen!

What can you do in MOIRA?

  1. The Art of Doing Nothing- just bird watching! Moira is a home for many birds like blue-eared kingfishers, small weaver birds, white stock cranes, greater sand plover, black drongo, common iora, and many others.
  2. Live- like a Goan, eat like a Goan! There is a saying, “The culture and local produce of a place affect the cuisine.” This is quite evident in all their cuisine. You can find a strong presence for all their local products like coconut, cashews, tamarind, kokum in all their delicacies. One must try the famous Goan-poee and Ross omelet.
  3. Go rowing along the backwaters of the Moira River and do some fishing!
  4. Experience the vibrant local market at Mapusa every Friday with Goans coming together to sell their farm produce, a large variety of fish, clothes, home decor, and everything local.
  5. Explore the local communities of carpenters. Moira is a hub of artisans doing their magic carving out of the wood. I must say carpentry is Goa’s prized skill.
  6. If you are on the lookout to make something new or learn some new skill, you must check out Maker’s Asylum, an open community Maker space situated in a 100-year old Goan house. For more details, check the website: All Events – Maker’s Asylum (makersasylum.com)

Not to forget, get your hands on Moira’s famous bananas known as the Moira bananas or Myndoli kellim which grows over 30 cm long and 8 cm in diameter.

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