The Score-board

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I made this scoreboard a couple of weeks ago. Just picked up a couple of wooden pieces , and leftover from acrylic sheet . It struck me when Vaibhav said let’s have a score-board to track the matches we win and lose against each other . (Vaibhav and me usually end up playing TT by the end of the day. )


Took the material ( plywood , wood pieces , acrylic ) . Sneaked into ISDI woodworking workshop . Learnt how to use the giant woodcutting and finishing machines . Got the frame and acrylic plate cut. It took like 65 mins to complete the entire process.


Glued them all with fevicol . Step-by-step. Left it to dry for like a day or two .The final task was to nicely polish the entire frame with sand paper and the score-board was ready to use .

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