Updates from Maker’s Asylum Mumbai


One of the craziest weeks at the Asylum. It was loaded with action. If you weren’t there, then you simply weren’t there. So let me tell you what we’ve been upto. To start with, we spent a great afternoon hosting the members of Social Innovation Exchange Summer School 2015 at the Asylum. We got to tell them about how our open makerspace grew from Eyenetra’s office with handful of people to our current massive space with one of the largest maker communities in the country and that it’s been making a phenomenal social impact. They were fascinated to learn all of it. So fascinated that they got into some serious artistic action by grabbing spray cans and colouring our white walls.


Undergrad students of Industrial Design Center, IIT Bombay paid a visit to the Asylum. They were completely blown away to learn about the existence of such a makerspace. It was fun watching them go “Whoa! This is awesome” as we introduced them to our facility.



And then ofcourse the Launch and Anniversary Party happened as Maker’s Asylum turned 2! It’s been a crazy journey so far. So we celebrated in style. Check it out-


Our first Cosmic Bytes session was a big hit. Attracted lots of curious minds. Here’s a glimpse:

2nd Cosmic Bytes sessions is coming soon. Stay tuned here.


Members in Action (M.I.A.):

1. Yash got his favourite toy to the space for overhauling. Check it out – It’s a 300cc Enfield, 2000 model. If you want to learn anything about bikes, Yash is your guy.


2. Spandan is crafting out a brand new skateboard and is currently experimenting with different woods and forms.


3. Nikhil and his team put together this beautiful laser cut installation for his workplace for Diwali. He used sunboard and MDF.


4. Manan is working on this complex system of cube structure of 512 LEDs for his class project.


5. Himanshu churning out some beautiful origami house models. He’s grown very fond of our laser cutter.


6. Gaurav is experimenting with Augmented Reality applications.



7. Viren made this sweet little cabinet made out of MDF using the laser cutter.



Oh and build group is back! The build is an open sourced Satellite Ground Station, SatNOGS. You can join Maker’s Asylum facebook group for updates and upcoming meetups for the build group.



Upcoming events:

1. Asylum Hack – Details

2. 3D Printing Workshop – Details

3. Woodworking Course – Details


Stay tuned for more action.

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