Updates from Maker’s Asylum Mumbai


Another exciting week at the Asylum as makers poured in to work on their ideas. With our equipments and facilities being fully operational, and with the return of our tool trainings, it’s like spring time for the maker community here. Here are some updates on what we did at the space in the previous week:

Yash from our team deviced a portable hovercraft using the material from our junkyard in merely 2 hours of timespan. It’s become our favourite toy lately and we just can’t get enough of it. It was planned to lift heavy objects and hover it across the space from one point to another. So clearly we never did that. Instead we did this-


Do you think that a two-player chess game is too mainstream? Probably not. But Kushal thinks otherwise. So he’s developed a three-player chess game. You can now play chess with two other players…for real.

"IMG_7874" "IMG_7876"
We organized a laser cut lamp making workshop (Diwali edition ofcourse) for the community. And look what we made- "IMG_7823""IMG_7873""IMG_7825"


We also had our first 3D Printing Training session at the new Asylum. 3D Printers are quite a crowd-puller.



And now we’ve started our Power Tools training as well. Look how excited Ruchira is to learn the circular saw machine (Courtesy of champion carpenter Viren).



Events coming up this weekend:

1. Launch and Anniversary of Maker’s Asylum – https://imojo.in/ms4wz

2. Cosmic Bytes : Science Fiction – https://imojo.in/ac6ej

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