Updates from Maker’s Asylum Mumbai

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Sanchit, Kushal, Seeja and Khushboo who are architects had been working on getting a plan ready for the new Asylum which was followed by a lot of destruction and bringing down all the walls inside.The planning was done very carefully to accomodate all the needs of the maker community. After going through a lot of re-iterations, we finally settled with the plan.

"IMG_20151007_170404" "IMG_20151007_172206" "IMG_20151007_182616"

In the last few days, we saw a good amount of action at the Asylum. Community members pitched in big time to build the new space. They came, they saw and they made. Our champion makers Viren and Rupin took charge of the carpentry work, while Anool was trying to upcylce the old light-frames. Meera Dabir, a professional painter, took charge of painting the walls. Few old chairs were refurbished and painted by the members with a spray gun. The space was buzzing with energy.


We spread some maker love at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology as they hosted us for a seminar on 3D Printing for their technical festival.


Lots of exciting things lined up. Stay tuned.

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