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It’s been quite the month for us at Maker’s Asylum. For those who’ve been keeping tabs, you know exactly why. For those who haven’t, let me explain. This month marks a new chapter in the story of Maker’s Asylum. The design school that allowed us to set up a space for our tinkering within their campus, informed us that we had to move, setting off a chain of events that is sure to lead to bigger and better things for the Asylum and our community. But more on that later.

Losing what had been our home since the beginning of the year forced us all into overdrive. Between kicking off a crowdfunding campaign, rallying the community and searching for a new home for our inmates (as we like to fondly call them), we still managed to keep on tinkering and exploring. 

While the team in Mumbai was hard at work finding a new space, the team in Delhi was busy spreading the love for making. Here’s just a  few of the things we’ve been upto in the last couple of weeks.

Interacting with Students

We hosted a group of students from Model School, Soami Nagar along with some of their faculty and mentors. We had a great time interacting with the students, answering their questions while explaining to them the virtues of the DIY and maker movement.

We also conducted a 3D printing workshop for the students at Amity University Gurgaon. Faced with a group of curious students, we gave them a complete lesson on the history, techniques and future of 3D printing technology.

Workshops & Tool Training Sessions

It is no secret that Internet of Things (IoT) is where some of the coolest ideas are at right now. We hosted an 8 hour workshop on designing connected hardware & IoT with our friends from Funstore.

From setting up Raspberry Pi’s to designing projects and making mobile applications, the participants went through the paces with designing connected hardware.

Of course our regular tool training sessions are always fun. Given the variety of tool trainings we conduct, there’s always something for everyone.

May that be 3D printing.

Or laser cutting.

Or power tools.

We also conducted a fun workshop on making laser cut lamps recently.

We laser cut the designs.

Spray painted them.

Put it all together with a little bit of electronics tinkering.

Which in turn leads us to what we’ve been building lately.

Ongoing Builds & Experiments

Needless to say, between the lamp making workshop and actually prepping for it, we’ve been making a ton of laser cut lamps at the Asylum. We might not have a fancy reception, but our decor is top notch I tell you.

Of course we rarely ever stop exploring once we find something fun to work on. Since the lamps seem to have gotten everyone at the Asylum excited, we also explored other types of product design.

But as I like to joke, there’s only so long we can go before the engineers start to get fidgety and want to make more mechanical stuff. So we did.

Of course that’s only a handful of the things we’ve been upto lately. Stay tuned for the next update where we showcase more of what we’ve been upto at the Asylum.

If the wait seems too long however, we’re open 7 days a week, 10 AM to 8 PM, just saying!

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