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Anindya – diver extraordinaire!

Anindya Mukherjee is a PADI IDC Master Instructor who loves diving and enjoys introducing others to the magical world of diving. For over 20 years now, he has been running his dive shop in Goa. He has traveled to all dive destinations in the world.

He also happens to be our neighbor in Moira, and we met him while making Oxygen Concentrators as part of the #M19Initiative and used his technical know-how on oxygen concentrations to come to our use!

Fast forward to September, Anindya had been dabbling with the idea of creating a portable and frugal air mixing device optimal for Nitrox diving (it’s all about the partial pressures). In recreational diving terms, enriched air nitrox (EANx) refers to any nitrogen/oxygen gas mixture with more than the 21 percent oxygen found in normal air.

He has successfully made his prototype, achieving a 32-36% Oxygen blend, which he will soon install in the Maldives and build more. 

Super thrilled that our space and tools could aid his amazing project!

Kudos to Anindhya from Team Maker’s Asylum!

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