What’s been happening at the Asylum

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After wrapping up all of the stuff from our previous location in Lower Parel, we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about workshops and membership at the Asylum. Well, we have some good news. Having found our new home in Andheri East, we will be back on track with the workshops and membership very soon. We’re currently working on setting up the new space, and very excited to have you all there as soon as possible. And while we were working on it, we had some good times in the last few weeks. Here’s a sneak peek:


Maker’s Asylum got to be a part of Capgemini’s Innovation Lab launch event held on 9th September ’15. It felt great to be appreciated for our efforts by company representatives of Volkswagen, Wockhardt, Johnson & Johnson, Marico, Intel, etc. Many of the audience being from an IT background found the concept of makerspaces quite intriguing, and that led to some interesting conversations.



After packing up all our tools and machines at our previous location in Lower Parel, we scoured the entire city for that perfect new place for the community. And we found one  that was just right for the community. We found home in the swanky Marol Industrial area in Andheri East. And with that we took a giant leap from a 800 sqft area in Lower Parel to a 9000 sqft area in the new space.



As Homegrown(Blog/Publication) celebrated their 2nd anniversary on 16th September ’15, we got invited to their party at Todi Mill Social and a chance to hangout with 23 other start-ups they hosted. The energy there was thrilling.



While at the Asylum in Andheri, we hosted Rohan Puri of MIT Media Labs who gave a talk about making smart decisions as an early entrepreneur in the start-up biz, accelerating crisis situations to help you grow and fooling yourself for the good of your company.



And finally, we moved out all the tools, machines and all the community built projects from Lower Parel to Andheri. We laughed as we looked back at all the ‘maker’ fun we had there. First time we moved, everything fit inside a car. Second time we moved, we got 1 small tempo. This time, we needed 2 tempos, 2 cars and a Crane!


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