When something is broken, you can’t break it anymore!

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When something is broken, you can’t break it anymore! so if you try and fix it, it may work but either ways you can learn a thing or two on how to fix it!

During the second wave India imported 100’s of thousands of #oxygenconcentrator due to the lack of Oxygen supply in our country! Same was the case with many other countries. While we also made our own M19o2 oxygen concentrators at Maker’s Asylum we realized that thousands of Oxygen concentrators at hospitals and other organizations were not working due to various problems. That is why with the support of EU Resource Efficiency Initiative (India) we decided to launch a series of Repair initiatives to repair as many of them as we can at #makerspaces and #fablabs using all the knowledge and tools that we already have!

Till now we have worked on over 30 oxygen Concentrators and are looking to share what we know with other labs and makerspaces to amplify our collective effort!

Join us for the Virtual Repair cafe on the 10th of December!

Link to join Repair cafe:

If you know someone or an organization with broken oxygen concentrators that need fixing.

Link to Request Repair:

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