Wood build: Storage Unit has begun

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The frame building has begun. Akshay and I decided that we would collab. He would do the entire frame out of metal, with me holding pieces while he cuts them 😉 and I would build the sides, top etc from plywood with him holding the wood down while I power saw through.

![frame-cutup](/assets/images/frame-cutup-225×300.jpg)We’ve begun

* Bottom frame cut out and welded; 2 lengths of 4 feet and 2 lengths of 2 1/2 feet; overlapped and welded.
* Top frame cut out and welded; 2 lengths of 4 feet and 2 of 1 1/2 feet; overlapped and welded.

Now if you’ve noticed that the top panel is narrower than the bottom panel and assumed an inclined unit; hold on. The unit is not inclined it simply has a “step”. A step on which we will be displaying the power tools.

Aditya dropped by to help out and he was tasked with the cutting of the plywood panels to fit the bottom and top. The power saw was used with much joy. He also cut out the side panels which makes my life easier.

Akshay and Aditya also cut up the remaining pieces of the frame:

* 5 1/2′
* 5′
* 6″
* 1′

2 pieces each

Again, we’ll get this welded on Saturday and then begin cutting up the panels that fit inside. We will be done with the frame by Sunday, simultaneously Aditya and the others will begin creating the actual storage sections that rotate within this frame.

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