Workbench Build: Frame Fitting – Bottom awaits Top


The design for the wedge based work bench has been taken from American Woodworker Oct 1999.
And modified it a bit. I’ll post the plans in a the final blog along with lessons and tips learnt.
On Saturday after the arduino talks, Kapil and I had a quick lunch and went back to Mr Fernandes in the wood shop. As you know from the last post, dados had to be cut into the rails. And without a good plan to follow we got a bit apprehensive. But all went well, every thing seemed to fit together as designed. Clearly we were nearly done.
We got back and did the final assembly. Immediately a decision I had taken 2 weeks back came back to haunt me. You see the end rails were of unequal thickness. The drawback of using machines is that everything must be perfect. All the dados are cut using the same measurement. But since the thickness was not the same. The depth of the dado was not the same.
Now we had a 1 mm gap at the joint. This sounds small but the entire joint wobbles compounding the effect across all 4 legs the wobble was pretty bad.
30 minutes of cutting and chopping later we were back in action though. The problem was not difficult to fix. I must remember this for the next time.

Currently the table frame is all steady and looking good. It just needs the top which will go on on the 1st hopefully.

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