Workbench Buildgroup: Introduction and first baby steps




The build group for the workbench project was initiated On Saturday 14th. We started with a quick set of images to help understand what a workbench needs to support and the various uses it can be put too. The group then put on their thinking hats and began tossing about ideas. Workbenches for the asylum need to support the various builds that we undertake. They are also going to be used for the workshops conducted
We discussed the following stuff

 Stuff for Electronics
– Power ports
– Magnifyier
– Third hand
– Soldering kit with fume extractor
– Storage: little bins to organise parts(chips, resistors,  capacitors, etc)
– Spool for wires of various gauges and materials





 Stuff for Woodworking
– Heavy top
– Stable base: ability to take sawing and planing without  shaking
– Clamps
– Side vises (face vise, end vise)
– Bins for screws, nails, nuts, bolts, etc
– Sunken channel or slot for keeping tools while working
– Power ports for power tools


General Stuff
– Collapsible
– Mobile
– Modular (a person should be able to swap modules in and out, for the purpose that the table is going to be used for)
– Comfortable height for work when standing
– Each table is shaped as part of a circle, like a small arc. Many tables put together would make a semi circle and the instructor or lead can speak from the center and easily access the items around the circle instead of having to walk around a large table.

Current Project

Discussions were quick and very soon a consensus was arrived at, and the following items will be discussed over the week on the group.
Atleast 2 tables will be built,

A solid, stable and permanent one. It is a maker space, so atleast one table MUST be available for heavy work all the time.
We will begin the build for this table next Saturday the 21st.

  • solid, well built base
  • heavy top to absorb all the blows and vibrations from various heavy tools
  • Sunken channel or slot across the back for keeping tools while working

I anticipate this build to span the next 2 Saturdays. So if you are interested get in quick and help speed up things.

Future projects of this buildgroup
A collapsible table on the lines of Dave flanagan’s collapsible table is the likely collapsible option. We will be redesigning it to allow for our build group’s approach.


Our approach is to create modules and the table will have slots to add or remove modules in various configurations. We will need some COOL DESIGNERS for this. So if that is you please come by next Saturday the 21st.
Some of the modules planned are

  • Power port module: features 2 individual 3 pin points and a 3 meter retractable cord to plug the module into the nearest power supply.
  • Tiny components module: features 1 or more trays, with little bins to store chips, resistors, capacitors, nuts and bolts, screws, nails etc. When away from the table, the module will be stackable so as to have as small a space cost as possible.
  • Wire spooler
  • Soldering kit
  • Drill Press (I propose to build a drill press)
  • etc

Keep an eye out for these, I will call them out on the group.

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