Workshop for underprivileged girls school

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We conducted a workshop for underpriveledged kids at the Saif Tyabji girls High School organised by the American counsulate.
The workshop started by a short story of the maker movement and whats happening around the world, and what is different about a makerspace than a regular workshop.
After the short talk, we built some pipe lamps. We divided the students into 14 teams of 6 girls and boys. They were each given the same quantity of pipe and joints.Their target was to get the lamps to stay steady on their feet. By balancing the centre of mass or by providing enough touch points to the ground. They loved the challenge and before taking any instructions started playing with the pipes and trying out interesting designs.
Next we taught them good practices of wiring a bulb, and hows its better to press the rubber in the screws and not the copper wire (learnt by Anool). Some kids screwed up a lot but by the end of the session, everyone was super excited about their creations. They ran around screeming till the principals office to show them what they had made. The look on their faces when they first tested their lamps was priceless!
They are all super excited to visit the asylum. We will be hosting them in batches over the next month to introduce them to more technology and how they can start using it.


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