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Maker's Asylum

An Open Community Makerspace to
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About Us

Maker’s Asylum is India’s first community open Makerspace in Goa that allows collaborative ideation & making. We believe that the future of learning is evolving and alternative learning avenues will be significant in customizing people’s learning journeys. We bring interdisciplinary interventions across Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) to foster a culture of innovation, exploration, and lifelong learning via digital and physical formats. We empower people by providing them the confidence, tools, knowledge, space, and communities they need to change the world and become globally-conscious problem-solvers.


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Learn hands-on skills with Makers Asylum

Problems today are multidimensional, and we need to solve them from an intercultural and interdisciplinary lens. Young people today have the power to make a difference. All we need to do is equip them with the right tools. 

At Maker’s Asylum we have designed an unparalleled learning experience to help develop creative skills that cut across different technology areas and new age methodologies. Come make, break, create with us! 

Things we do

Learning Programs

Our programs focus on training people across all ages and backgrounds to build a maker mindset by providing hands-on learning experience by a community of passionate makers.


It is a playground for artists, designers, engineers, young talents, or anyone who would like to get their hands dirty and build things



M19 Initiative

The M19 Collective came together with a centralised open source design philosophy with decentralised manufacturing so that we can gather the best minds to solve the pressing challenges of this country and execute with agility.

Alumni Speak

Featured Projects

A guitar accessory that includes single-hand amputees in the user-base of guitar players and shoppers.

A device to enable Hindi speaking blind people to navigate their surroundings, identify objects and people around them independently.

Plastic Safari was born out of the need to educate consumers especially the ‘gen-next’ about waste, err resource management.

Make. Break. Create

Sneak peek into the world of Maker's Asylum

Where would you find an engineer, an artist, a doctor and a designer working together? Take a sneak peek into the world of Maker's Asylum, meet the pioneers of India’s maker movement, and see the mind-blowing innovations developed by this diverse community of creators!

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