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Check out work across sectors such as health, circular economy and more that involves community led action and research

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Why Citizen Science?


It relies on active community participation for problem solving and minimises reliance on the government or the private sector.


It can generate large datasets due to participation from the community (millions of data points), which would not be feasible in academic projects.

Open Research & Innovation

Being open R&D, there are no intellectual property barriers. Open-source licensing encourages collaboration.

Global in nature

Solutions can be replicated globally, since data and methodology are publicly available.

Scientific rigour

Projects carried out with scientific rigor without compromising quality over cost.

Collaboration/Peer Engagement

A peer-review process is adopted to evaluate and analyse every step of the project.


M19 Initiative

The initiative came together with a centralised open source design philosophy with decentralised manufacturing so that we can gather the best minds to solve the pressing challenges of this country and execute with agility. The importance of locally making for local environments has never been more important and that convergence with the maker movement makes a very strong case of digital manufacturing! Solving problems requires a multidisciplinary approach and that’s what makes this special. Collective open innovation and social entrepreneurship is the core tenet of the initiative!

M19 Shields

The M-19 initiative started with a thought of giving only 1000 M-19 faceshields to the frontline workers. However, in 49 days we were able to activate 42 cities, towns and villages through our open source design and give over 1 Million .

M19 O2

Activation of local communities to make M19 Oxygen Concentrator (with indigenously sourced parts) in cities, towns and villages in India and building capacity to manufacture & maintain locally and in a decentralised manner.


A low cost powered-air purifying respirator (PAPR) for use in reducing exposure to airborne particles. This PAPR is designed to provide constant filtered airflow to healthcare workers in high risk environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

M19 Repair Cafes

The maker community has an important role to play and can act as great conduits to the "Right to Repair" movement. We have so far under this project hosted repair cafes in Pune, Goa and virtually to share what we know and engage more, fablabs and individuals to join the movement.

M19 Rebreather

M-19 ReBreather Smart Air Purifier with Replaceable Carbon activated HEPA Filters is an active respirator to help breathing comfortable inside an N-95 mask. Especially designed for senior citizens for comfortable breathing. Designed during the early onset of pandemic in 2020.

International Documentary

Overcoming the pandemic & beyond

‘Makers of Change’ sees Makers coming to the rescue as the pandemic brings the world and global supply chains to their knees. Factories and production lines are substituted with 3D printers and laser cutters and Makers become the workforce the world needs. From batteries powered by microbes to 1 million face shields achieved within 50 days – a movement which began years ago, finally finds its stage as Makers turn superheroes, making for the need of the hour. 

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