Quick and Easy DIY LED Signboard!

Whenever I walk down the streets, I always notice the signboards of shops and stores. Like a kid, I do favourites- out of the lot. One day, A random thought popped in my head?! Why did I never try to make something like that?! 

A few days later, Vaibhav comes to us and says, “Guys, I have got an idea; why don’t we make a LED Sign Board for our Drill Press Cafe.”

Have you heard of the phrase, The Universe listens to you?! That’s exactly what happened!

On hearing this, Naren, Shailesh and I quickly jumped into action. Vaibhav always insists that we need to be responsible while we MAKE since there is a lot of waste generated during the process. Therefore, we have decided to reuse the materials lying around in our Space; we also didn’t want to spend a lot of money buying new materials.

Materials we picked:

  1. Acrylic– Select a Light diffusible acrylic – I’m sure you wouldn’t want to make a Signboard that doesn’t diffuse the light! 
  2. Angle rod
  3. Plywood– 18mm
  4. PVC pipes of 4 inch diameter

Let’s Get Making… “Our Own DIY LED Sign Board for Drill Press Cafe!” 

  1. We started cutting the Acrylic sheet. We had a milky white acrylic of 2mm thickness in our Space, so we decided to use it. Though it isn’t a great idea, let’s stick to the intention of reusing the materials!
  2. The size of the Sign board is 2ft x 2ft and we have designed the entire structure using the Makercase platform, which made the entire process of designing Quick and Simple.
  3. Since the material we used is thin, we therefore decided to use the combination of the Finger joint and T-slot joint to ensure the surface’s grip!
  4. We quickly assembled the box and noticed that it was strong enough to hold by itself therefore, we hopped on to build its frame. 
  5. We welded the 1 inch angle as per our requirement to build the frame.
  6. We mounted the acrylic board on the top of the frame using good old nuts and bolts. Later, we attached the LED lights inside the frame especially on the side walls.
  7. In the end, we attached a plywood piece underneath the frame and routed out, not a thorough-hole though, just a half-deep cut, two circular holes where we could secure the pipes later!
  8. We now cut a thick PVC pipe – YEAH! The same ones we bought- not so long ago- for the sieves/containers of the oxygen concentrator! With that, we attach the pipes to the plywood on the underside. 
  9. Now comes the Climax, Stickering! We outsourced the sticker printing and cutting, as we don’t have a Vinyl Cutter- that could print & cut as big as the size of the box!
  10. Now comes the final and messy work: Sticking the Vinyl sticker on the acrylic box! ~ I’m sure even you wouldn’t want the stickers to come off or have air gaps when you stick it, so use a hot air glue to avoid all the mess like we did!

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