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Innovation School

A 6-months global innovation program for teens ages 13-17.
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Innovation School



The changing nature of work and complexities worldwide have created an evident skill gap among Individuals, thus creating a wave of opportunity for Skill-Based Experiential Learning programs.
Innovation school encourages bold, creative, and out-of-box thinking while learning core technical skills, which helps learners develop competencies like Leadership Skills, Critical Thinking, Communication, Strategic Thinking, Team Building, and Problem-Solving. These skills are essential for developing solutions for real-life problems and stay relevant to the ever-changing requirement of the current innovation sector.

The program is based on the three principles, i.e., Design Thinking, Frugal Innovation, and Rapid Prototyping. 

These principles offer an unparalleled creative learning environment where you get to meet like-minded talents and start a lifelong learning journey!

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For whom? (13+ Years)

Innovation school is open for all the students who are 13+ years old from across the globe who want to learn new skills and work on the problem statements to innovate impactful solutions.

Innovation School is a two part program to learn future skills and apply them to develop impactful solutions


Skill Building (1:1)

The essential hard skills of today might become insufficient tomorrow. Future skills like CAD modelling & 3D design, Electronics & Robotics, Drone making, Home Automation & IoT, Virtual Reality and App design, and Design Thinking have overturned the entire market in these fast-changing times.

Be future-ready with new skills and develop solutions to the world’s problems.

Learn with Maker’s Asylum today!

Learning Kits Delivered To Your Home


Portfolio Building Residency

An experiential journey where talents are taken through the process of design thinking, frugal innovation, and rapid prototyping, and get access to a global network of mentors to help them go from ideation to creation of their projects.

This can be online or offline at our space in Goa!

What Makes Us Different?

No Classroom

Instead, we have an open space that changes all the time to adapt to the needs of every lab

No Lectures

Instead, we have projects. The talents work with an instructor in each skill to understand the basics and also acquire enough knowledge to have a guided working on their own project,

No Grades

Instead, we have portfolios that document students’ problem solving capabilities & decisions and showcases their final solutions.

Our Mentors From

Advisory Board

Navi Radjou

Gaell Mainguy

Nirav Khambhati

Sandrine Maximilien

Alumni Projects

The Device “ChargIon” prolongs the mobile device’s battery life and saves electricity due to Energy leaks when the device overcharges, which sometimes leads the device to blast.
SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production


SDG 12 : Responsible Consumption and Production

SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production


SDG 12 : Responsible Consumption and Production

The Device “Eyedentify” is devised especially for the visually impaired to recognize people with the help of a cap fitted with camera and image processing unit.
Reduced Inequalities SDG 10


SDG 10 : Reduced Inequalities

Reduced Inequalities SDG 10


SDG 10 : Reduced Inequalities

The Device ‘BirdSense’ is specifically designed to scare the pest birds, especially in major cities. They spread various kinds of viruses and droppings all around which causes discomfort for people living in high rise buildings.
sustainable cities and communities


SDG : 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

sustainable cities and communities


SDG : 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities


Experience of Alumni at Innovation School

Nakul Khambati

High School Graduate,

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai

Sam Mathew

Technology Entrepreneur & Home Schooler 

Shakti Shaligram

Technology Entrepreneur & Home Schooler 

Current Talents From


Program Details

Program fee is INR 1,50,000 + GST

However, we also offer scholarships based on our internal assessment of your profile.

Please note: The program fee is all inclusive of hardware, tool kits, delivery and facilitation.


The program is designed on 1:1 basis, but we work only with selected 100 students.

Skill Building starts immediately online with our instructors.

Portfolio Building starts post successful completion of Skill-Building.

  • STEP 1 : Fill the application form
  • STEP 2 : Our Assessment Team will schedule an interview.
  • STEP 3 : Attend the online interview and program counselling
  • STEP 4 : Wait for application results

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