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What is Innovation School?

Innovation School is a STE(A)M program designed to drive hands-on, collaborative learning where projects focus on solving real world problems. Aligned with the maker philosophy of “Learning by doing” the program has been developed to help students and even those continuing education to build a maker mindset.

Part 1

Skill Building

This part of the program is essentially focussed on developing fundamental technology skills at the intersection of hardware, design and programming. These comprise of 6 mandatory skills.

  • Total Time : 60 Hours
  • Total Skills : 6 
  • Schedule : Flexible ; Recommended 2-3 hours per week to keep the pace and learning exciting
  • Format : Personalised, Live Online , 1:1

Outcome : 6 facilitated hands on projects that help you gain deep dive into multiple technologies

Get Your Maker Kit Sent Home

As part of the virtual skill building experience,  Innovation School Kits are sent home to each talent. They contain exciting hardware that lets the talents create a makerspace at their desk.  

  • IOT lamp 
  • Pluto X Drone 
  • Flash Bob – the bipedal robot 
  • DIY Virtual Reality 
  • Maker Bee – the custom printed circuit board

Part 2 

Maker Residency

Talents spend a week at our makerspace in Goa on an experiential learning journey – from identifying and defining a problem to finally creating a tangible solution. This involves the process of design thinking, frugal innovation and rapid prototyping. Each talent works with select mentors and is supervised by the Maker’s Asylum Team.

  • Total Time : 40 Hours
  • Days : 7 
  • Format : Offline at our makerspace in Goa or Online in an experiential format in June/July/October. 

Outcome : Functional Prototype of a solution

Mentor & Peer Engagements

Post Residency Mentorship (1:1) - 10 Hours

The designing of a solution is just the beginining. Each maker project needs multiple iterations and inputs before the solution becomes physically viable. That’s where mentor come in. Post residency each talent will have access to a mentor and the team at Maker’s Asylum to help iterate, document and test solutions in the real world. We also help you document this journey so it becomes your personal story. 

Format : Online

Meet-ups (Group) - 10 Hours

Meet inspiring individuals from across the globe who will share what’s happening in the world of Innovation with you! Leaders and experts from diversified backgrounds become part of your personal network as you navigate your ideas and solutions! 

Every second Saturday

Format : Online

What makes this program different?

No Classroom

Instead, we have a hybrid experiential learning format that focusses on hands on learning and personalised self pace approach to learning. 

No Lectures

Instead, we have projects. The talents work with an instructor in each skill to understand the basics and also acquire enough knowledge to have a guided working on their own project

No Grades

Instead, we have portfolios that document talents’ problem solving capabilities & decisions and showcases their final solutions.

Our Mentors From

Advisory Board

Alumni of Maker's Asylum

Current Talents From

Program Process

Innovation School is a selective application based program that collaborates with 100 individuals every year and bring their ideas to life

Round 2 Application Cycle for the program is rolling from now until 31st August 2022. You can apply here LINK. Once the application is submitted, you will receive a response  in 48 hours.

Once selected, the orientation includes introduction to the facilitators, the back end scheduling platform and delivery of Innovation School kits to each talent

We recommend a weekly commitment of 3 hours of session time and 2 hours of offline work to keep the pace of learning exciting

The residency is a  stepping stone to the production innovation cycle. The outcome is the creation of a  functional prototype of a solution to a specific problem. Both online and in person at Goa institution options are available

Online hours with mentors, designed to help you iterate on your solutions and create an extensive documentation of your project. 

Graduation & Open Showcase of the projects happens in December and in May every year

Program fee is INR 1,50,000 + GST

However, we also offer scholarships based on our internal assessment of your profile.

Please note: The program fee is all inclusive of hardware, tool kits, delivery and facilitation.

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