Innovation School

Build things that matter to you!

Especially designed for 13+ to explore pre-engineering, design or STE(A)M skills. Learn from a community of makers and real world practitioners to bring your own ideas to life! ​

What is the Innovation School?

Innovation School is a hybrid experiential STE(A)M program designed to drive hands-on, collaborative learning where projects focus on solving real world problems & creative making. Aligned with the maker philosophy of “Learning by doing” the program has been developed to help students and even those continuing education to build a maker mindset and explore pre engineering, design and other STE(A)M skills. 

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Why should you join the program?

  • Confidence to MAKE
  • Ability to EXPERIMENT in a safe space 
  • HANDS ON learning opportunity in a real world environment 
  • Explore pre STE(A)M Skills
  • Unique HYBRID Learning approach
  • Be part of the global MAKER CULTURE & COMMUNITY

Part 1

Skill Building

What will you be learning?

This part of the program is essentially focussed on developing fundamental technology skills at the intersection of hardware, design and programming. These comprise of 6 mandatory skills.

Time & Format

60 Hours | 6 Skills | Personalised, Live Online , 1:1 | Innovation School hardware kit sent home for project based learning for each skill


Flexible ; Recommended 2-3 hours per week to keep the pace and learning exciting


6 facilitated hands on projects that help you gain deep dive into multiple technologies

Part 2

Maker Residency

What will you be learning?

Talents spend a week at our makerspace in Goa on an experiential learning journey – from identifying and defining a problem to finally creating a tangible solution. This involves the process of design thinking, frugal innovation and rapid prototyping. Each talent works with select mentors and is supervised by the Maker’s Asylum Team.

Time & Format

Total Time : 7 days | 10 AM - 6 PM ; Format : In person, hands on which we recommend but you can also opt for online if you cannot make it to Goa


The residency takes place 5 times a year: May, June, July, October & December. Eligible talents can choose to come in any of the 5 options. You need to finish at-least 3 skills to be eligible for the residency


Functional prototype of a solution or a creative making project of your choice

What makes the program unique

The Philosophy & Culture

Learn from the Maker Community

Meet inspiring individuals from across the globe who will share what's happening in the world of Innovation with you! Leaders and experts from diversified backgrounds become part of your personal network as you navigate your ideas and solutions!

Project Based Documentation

The curriculum is design in consultation with professors, practitioners and experts working in the tech industry. While the skills are project based, we also emphasise a lot on the journey of how you went from ideation to actual problem solving and making via extensive documentation.

Collaboration over Competition

As problems in the world are becoming multidimensional and require a collaborative lens to solve, our program and culture reflects that ideology. We believe the next generation needs to be conscious about the power of collective intelligence.

Maker portfolio guide

Discover the power of Maker Portfolios

Our team has put together a comprehensive guide on how maker portfolios are valued across colleges and universities all around the world in the world of higher education. You can check out the research here.

GLIMPSE into journeys of our talents

Where is our Alumni Network

Application & Program Process

Continuing education and lifelong learners of all ages 13 and above are welcome to apply!

Innovation School is a selective application based program for 100 talents every year. Applications are on a rolling basis throughout the year.

The application form is to be filled by the interested talent along with a 2 minute self recorded video and results are shared over email within 2 weeks from your date of submission.

Once accepted, the program can be scheduled to commence immediately as part 1 is a 1:1 self paced virtual format – after the fees is paid. The orientation includes introduction to the facilitators, the scheduling platform and delivery of Innovation School kits.

As soon as you are selected into the program the skill building part start immediately after your onboarding and orientation. This part is self paced and 1:1 so you can do it at your speed. Specific maker mentors are assigned to you for each skill and you will be able to see and block their calendar from the MASH platform. We recommend 2-3 hours per week commitment at least during this part. 

We host the maker residencies at our space in Goa 5 times a year during the months of May, June, July, October & December. To be eligible to come for these, one needs to finish at least 3 skills.

-Innovation School hardware kit

-Delivery of the Innovation School kit to talent’s location

-1:1 personalised facilitation time for Online Skill Building and Post Residency Mentorship.

-Access to Maker’s Asylum tools and lab in Goa

-External mentor for residency and monthly meetup

-Scholarships are available for the program to applicants with financial need.

-If selected, we also have financing options available that include EMIs and part payments

Travel and stay during the Maker Residency in Goa is not included in the program fee. 

Hear some of the experts & alumni


Be part of a growing tribe of conscious problem solvers


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The Goa Experience

Take a glimpse into our Maker Residency that happens in Goa at space that gives a real world experience of making from scratch.