Flush it

sustainable cities and communities

Problem Statement

How to decrease the amount of water used per flush?

SDG in focus

Goal 6 – Clean water & sanitation , Goal 11 – Sustainable cities & communities , Goal 13 – Climate Action

Final Solution

When we were jotting down the crazy 50 solutions to solve problems, we picked one solution which was inspired by the story of crow drinking water from a pot by putting pebbles. We started putting water bottles filled with pebbles and sand . This helped in decreasing water in the tank volume. We were excited to teach this to kids who will learn this and apply at schools and homes. Unfortunately, our team could not get permissions in any school. We did not stop there and we started performing it in our homes and neighborhoods. This process helped us to save approx 2 litres of water. Our future thought is on building a toilet seat with a movable bowl and a pedal, resizing the water tank, changing U Band structure.

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Project Contributors

Jun Ogawa | Rajratan Wankhade | Momina | Kritika Chopra | Samreen Badr

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