Improved Drying Rack


In humid cities like Kochi and Mumbai, in the monsoon, clothes do not dry because of the atmospheric humidity and saturation levels.. So, we came up with the idea of making a clothes rack that dries clothes faster and can solve these problems. 

Problem Statement:

This is a problem faced by us and our families in the monsoon season: our clothes do not dry due to the external humidity. We think it needs to be addressed because it causes an inconvenience where a room or a space is needed to be put aside for the drying of clothes and that space becomes humid, there is also an odour that develops because of the dampness of the clothes. This is a problem that occurs in coastal cities like Kochi and Mumbai whenever it rains.


  • It is large. It occupies 16 square feet of space, which could be an issue for places where land is expensive. 
  • The rack uses an exhaust fan attached to an a.c. supply of electricity versus a normal rack that does not run on electricity. 

Final Solution:

This device has a unique structure and exhaust fan that exhausts the humid air in the local surroundings of clothes on a drying rack. 

Using a laser cutter, we designed and cut joint boxes to hold the structure we had in mind. These boxes held the PVC pipes at around a sixty degree angle so that more clothes could be hung whilst eliminating the issue of clothes dripping water onto the clothes hung below.

Skills Applied:

Electronics | 3d printing | Laser cutting | Power tools

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Project Contributors

Miriya Joseph Kush Mehta

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