Problem Statement

Who ? Eryne Thomas, student ENSE3 SEM + Maxime, student mathematics What ? Electricity bill is too expensive, because consumption is too high, 868 €/month, 5105 kWh/year for 2 persons (# mean value is 2240 kWh/pers/year) Where ? Grenoble – 5th floor building, last floor T2 = 40m2 Why ? Electricity bill is too high for a student who doesn’t have any salary.

Primary research

The electricity bill of a student is too expensive, there is a need to reduce it. We are looking for a solution to reduce the electricity consumption or to follow the consumption in a better way.

Your final solution

A fridge which works without any electricity and with different atmospheres: First compartment: ventilated, dry and light Second compartment: ventilated, dry and dark Third compartment: fresh, humid and dark Made mostly of recycled wood : need to do the frame, the drawers, the top, the front of the drawers with a laser cutter to draw images of the food you can store on these. The dimensions depend on the length of the planks we have and on the amount. We will make 2 different types of drawers, the 2 top with crates, as we need to have air flowing through these. The bottom one will be a box made with MakerCase, cut with a laser cutter. The upper drawer needs to see the light and have some air flowing, so we cut large openings on top, in the front of the drawer and at the bottom of the drawers. The second is almost the same as the first one, but it needs to be dark, so we put some fabric where there are openings. The last box should consist of 2 clay pots, 1 bigger and 1 smaller, the small one goes in the big one and we fill the gap with sand. The sand needs to be kept wet with water, and thanks to the porous clay, the inside of the 2nd clay pot will be fresher than the outside (principle of the Mitticool).

Skills used to make your project

Wood working, laser cutting and graving, creativity, communication, team working

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Project Contributors

Juliette Bonnet : juliettebonnet133@gmail.com | Eryne Thomas: thomas.eryne@gmail.com | Anthony Roux: anthony.roux879@gmail.com | Mathys Maïnas : mathys.mainas@gmail.com

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