Project BAT – NAV


Our friend Moksh who has 100% visual impairment always needs someone to be there to guide him around wherever he walks. He also finds it awkward to use his walking cane in public spaces, hence we decided to work on a smart and less apparent solution to walking cane to help with his problem. 

Problem Statement

To come up with a smart, inconspicuous device that helps people with visual impairment navigate their surroundings by themselves. 


  • Should be inconspicuous 
  • Lightweight and portable
  • He should be able to use the device himself 
  • Should be as accurate as possible and avoid misleading him

Idea Brainstorming

Final Solution

This device is intended to be a replacement for the white cane used by the blind. It uses an ultrasonic sensor, a pair of vibrational motors, an arduino nano, a gyroscope, and a custom designed PCB, encased in a box-like housing, which has an elastic strap and is to be worn on the shoes. When an obstacle or person lies within the field of view of the ultrasonic sensor, the motors vibrate with different pre-programmed intensities to notify the user how close he/she is to that obstacle. The logo of a bat was used on this product to make it more user-friendly and more of an accessory rather than a product that highlights the disability of the user.

Skills Applied

CAD | Electronics | Design Thinking | Programming | Soldering | Prototyping | Laser cutting

Project Contributors

Aryaman Tandon,

Suryansha Seth

Detailed Project Documentation


This Project Has Been Developed By The Alumni Of Innovation School

Project Contributors

Aryaman Tandon, Suryansha Seth

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