Schedule- Pass


“Schedule-Pass” is designed to remind for your upcoming event or class. This is not just a simple alarming system, but it is linked to your google calendar, so you do not need to schedule an alarm.

Problem Statement

What: How to organise a timetable properly

Why: Distracted from studying (Poor Time manager)

Who: Aarav

Solution Brainstorming

Here are few Brainstormed solutions

  • making an app which reminds for the work to be done according to your schedule
  • A prize for the winner to follow their schedule
  • developing an app which can be fit into computers or watches. whenever there is anything to be followed according to the schedule the watch would vibrate.

Refer to this link for our mapping of solutions – https://miro.com/app/board/uXjVPzeCTRU=/?share_link_id=505856023586

Final Solution

Schedule pass was Developed using  a small trigger device which alert’s you every single time you have a task. We used a buzzer, esp. 8266 and connected it through Wi-Fi to give input of all the timings of our scheduled meetings on google calendar. We used adafruit and ifttt for the software to interconnect our esp. with google colander. Using a laser cutter, a small box was made from 3mm MDF wood. Inside the box was a simple circuit including the esp. and the buzzer. This experiment was super successful and had zero false detections, the buzzer only buzzed when I had a scheduled meeting on the colander 

Skills Applied

CAD | Electronics | Design Thinking | Programming | Soldering | Prototyping | Laser cutting

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Project Contributors

Ayaan Chotani

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