Updates from Maker’s Asylum Mumbai

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Last few weeks at the Asylum have been phenomenal. Workshops, events and hackathon in full throttle. The energy was overwhelming. We hosted the first of its kind hackathon called "Asylum Hack" in collaboration with Godrej.

It was 3 days of non-stop breaking and making consumer electronics devices.
Hackathons are great learning experience for individuals and large corporations, as they pack up so much energy and knowledge in a very short amount of time.

"Development cycles in the real world are pretty long. And to compress that into just 2 days and to tell people that here’s a problem, give me a solution in 2 days. That’s pretty exciting", Anool Mahidharia, Co-founder – Maker’s Asylum.

25 shortlisted participants divided into 5 teams. One of them (Team Auro) was anounced as the winner and received a Rs. 50,000/- prize from Godrej.


In the meanwhile, our Woodworking course attendees were getting the hang of carpentry and churning out some beautiful tables. Check it:

Adidas Originals and Homegrown Media had organized a Launch event for Adidas’s ZX Flux series of footwear and apparels. And they featutred artworks of 8 different artists. Maker’s Asylum was one of them, and look what we made:

Made by : Premankan, Shyam, Akshay

Original concept: CRAB
And this:

Events and workshops are the best media to share knowledge and ideas. Here’s how we went about doing just that:

Bicycle Meet 101:
The agenda of this meetup was :
Parts of a Bike and how they affect Bike Fit
Tools/Parts to carry while Riding
Tools/Parts to have at home
Brake settings and adjustments
Drive train settings and adjustments
Removing and fitting wheels
Fixing a flat
General Maintenance and Tips

Sketchwalk #30:
Sunday Sketchwalk and Maker’s Asylum came together to host this special event where for first time we drew from a live model Here’s a glimpse:

Introduction to Git:
A hands on workshop to teach everyone about Git, it’s advantages and it’s importance in anyone’s life (contrary to popular belief that it’s only for IT folks).
It’s a great version control tool which should be used by teams irrespective of the kind of project they’re working on.

Cosmic Bytes: Space Mining
A discussion on the various aspects of space mining.

Upcoming events at Maker’s Asylum:

  1. Woodworking Beginner Course – Details
  2. Mozzarella Cheese Making – Details
  3. Laser Cutting Training Session – Details

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