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Get your hands dirty and learn to build your own wooden projects

Age Group: 16+

About the workshop

Woodworking is the art of converting any piece of wood to build everyday items. Understanding the characteristics of different types of wood and how to select the suitable wood for your project. Important techniques of using the tools to make your project ook the way you visualized it, while conscientiously adhering to safety protocols. Last but not the definitely not least, teaching tips and tricks which can drastically change the outcome of your project.

P.S.: Moira, Goa is known for its generations of woodworking artisans, and now has been a shelter for Makers Asylum.

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What do we offer?

Basic Workshop

Duration: 2 days

An introductory course to understand fundamental practices involved in woodworking such as:

  •  Identifying different types of wood.
  • Working with hand tools and power tools.
  •  Essential Safety Protocols.
What’s included?
  1. 1. Laser Etching your own design on your project
  2. 2. 20% discount on all Drill Press Cafe Menu Items
  3. 3. Access to the wood lab to complete your project through the week post workshop
  4. 4. Access to the facilities at the space*
  1. Learn How to identify types of wood.
  2. Introduction to hand tools (Hand saws, chisels, files, etc.)
  3. Introduction to power tools.
    1. Jigsaw
    2. Circular Blade Saw
    3. Router Machine
    4. Drill Machine
    5. Power Sanders
  4. In- depth knowledge to these machines regarding the right use, safety guidelines while using them and hacks
  5. How to design and execute your own ideas of wood work.
  6. Hands-on practice with tools to build your project, which could be anything.
    1. Some examples of previous builds were work desk organizer, chopping board, pot stand, etc.

Advanced Workshop

Duration: 6 days

  • A deep dive covering fundamental practices: Identifying different types of wood, Working with hand tools and power tools, Essential Safety Protocols, and Feasibility of Design.
  • Experience of visiting local sawmills to understand: Procurement criteria based on the project requirements, Qualities of wood, Varieties of wood, Witnessing large scale practices, and Interactions with commercial woodworkers.
  • Projects based on: Hand tools, Power tools, and heavy machinery
What’s included?
  1. 1. Material for the initial couple of days for your learning and execution of your project
  2. 2. Program facilitation and supervision
  3. 3. Access to the lab, tools and experts in the field
  4. 4. Access to the treasure boxes. If you can find anything that is of use for you, you can have it
  5. 5. Curation of evening socials
  6. 6. 20% discount on all food and beverages at Drill Press Cafe
    • Learn about wood and the different types of wood
    • Understanding procurement
    • Hands on with Hand Tools
      • Cutting Saws and its types
      • Chisels
      • Hand Planers
      • Files
    • Build a classic game board with just the hand tools.
    • Learning About Power Tools and getting hands on practice with
      • Jigsaw
      • Circular Saw
      • Drill machine
      • Router Machine
      • Sanding Machine
      • Electric Planar
    • Building a simple project (a hammer, a work desk organizer, a chess board, etc.) with what you learnt
    • Understanding the design aspect and exploring YOUR designs that you had in mind
    • *Design Meet: Listening to the local artists and experts in the field
    • Field Trip
      • Saw Mill (Procurement of the material)
      • Getting your blocks and get it cut
      • Visit to a local carpenter to get some inspiration about designs and machinery possibilities. 
      • An exposure to CNC and more
    • Learn about some more heavy machineries
      • Miter Saw
      • Drill Press Machines
      • Table Saw
      • Chop Saw
      • Angle grinder
    • Shaper Machine (Our very own CNC machine). You are gonna love this one!
    • Building a project.
    • A quick Introduction to Dremel
    • Learning Outcomes
    • Celebrate your making

About the Instructor

Vaibhav Chhabra

Vaibhav is a Mechanical engineer by training, Maker by passion and an Educator by choice! A graduate from Boston University, Vaibhav spent the first 2 years of his career at EyeNetra, a startup from MIT Media Labs, building portable Virtual Reality based eye diagnostic devices. While working with the rural community in India for the eye diagnostic prototype, Vaibhav founded ‘Makers Asylum.’ 

Maker’s Asylum is a community space focused on fostering innovation through hands on learning. The space houses various labs that are co-located in order to facilitate prototyping of ideas that are interdisciplinary in nature. Vaibhav essentially coupled his degree with his passion to create the first community Makerspace in India. The key focus of this space has been to share the joy of making.