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Final problem statement

Helping closed premise events of Delhi city to make their “beverage-can” waste segregation at source process engaging and behaviorally incentivising for its audience , thus easy.

Final Solution

We have come up with a product that gamifies and polifies beverage can crushing at the source where this category of waste is generated- entertainment based events. Our “CrushIT” makes it easy to crush metal waste at source whilst making it engaging for the people and Incentivising waste recycling. The ”CrushIT” also helps us reduce manual and machine labour involved in segregating and crushing metal waste. The crushing at source also helps us reduce the travel quantity and time for taking waste to recycling units, thus reducing the financial cost as well as the cost of environmental harm.

“CrushIT” helps us not just with the waste management but also makes people aware and feel responsible. When we involve the people, it becomes inevitable for them to focus on their personal impact on the environment and thereby take actions which reduce their ecological footprint. It fosters a sense of responsibility and empowerment for individuals, transforming them into changemakers.

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Project Contributors

Aishwarya Hugar | Sahil Sharma | Dwishojoyee

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