The Cocoon

Final problem statement

The coexistence of an elderly homeless woman living on the streets, surviving as a ragpicker with only two pairs of unclean clothes, and the mounting issue of textile waste ending up in landfill causing environmental harm presents a compelling problem. The lack of proper shelter for the old lady highlights the pressing need for a sustainable and compassionate solution that addresses both her shelter and clothing necessities while also tackling the broader challenge of textile waste impacting our planet. Additionally, the old lady’s dire living conditions expose her to insect bites, dust inhalation, and various safety and privacy issues, which exacerbate her already vulnerable situation and emphasize the urgency of finding a holistic solution to improve her quality of life.

Final Solution

The proposed solution aims to address the intertwined challenges of elderly homelessness and textile waste by creating sustainable and compassionate shelter mechanism using textile waste from landfill. By designing modular and portable homes that can be constructed without the need for segregating waste, the solution contributes to several UN Sustainable Development Goals, including those related to decent work and economic growth, industry, innovation, and infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, climate action, and life on land. The innovative approach not only provides affordable and eco-friendly housing but also fosters a sustainable environment and brings hope and dignity to displaced individuals, offering them a place to call home with significant social and commercial impact.

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Swati Thounaojam | Sahil Taneja

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