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Problem Statement

The improper disposal of medicine strip and blister pack waste poses a significant environmental challenge, as these materials cannot be effectively recycled due to their plastic and aluminum foil composition. With senior citizens consuming an average of two medications daily, this demographic contributes the most to the creation of large volumes of plastic waste. Therefore, there is a pressing need to develop an innovative solution that addresses the issue of medicine strip and blister pack waste to reduce the negative environmental impact and promote sustainability.

SDG in focus

Goal 12 – Responsible consumption & production , Goal 11 – Sustainable cities & communities , Goal 17 – Partnerships for goals

Final Solution

To address the challenge of irresponsible disposal of medicine strip and blister pack waste, our solution proposes the implementation of a user loop that collects empty medicine strips at the source and repurposes them into useful lifestyle products. Our flagship product is a Preset organizer that utilizes these materials to create a sustainable storage solution. As a second phase, we plan to remanufacture the aluminum component from the medicine packs into aluminum sheets that can be used to construct shelter roofs for stray animals. This initiative will be carried out in partnership with animal welfare boards and other animal rescuers across the country. The use of aluminum sheets as shelter roofs offers a cost-effective and sustainable solution as it is weather-resistant and water-resistant. By providing these shelters, we can promote animal welfare while also reducing the negative environmental impact of medicine strip and blister pack waste.

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Project Contributors

Govardhan Pinni, Ishita Agarwal, Sanchita

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