Schedule For STEAM School 2021

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STEAM school is a 10-day project-based experiential learning program to unleash the potential of individuals to solve the most pressing Glocal challenges. Come and experience the culture of maker space and get hands-on with the essential power tools housed in a 100-year-old heritage Goan house in Moira, which is now the home of Maker’s Asylum.

The program schedule for the STEAM School is as follows:

Day 1:

Icebreaker and Team formation followed by the Introduction to the focus SDG goals.

Day 2:

Problem statement identification process: Identify the problem you want to solve and define the problem statement.

Day 3:

Assumption testing:  You get to visit the local communities and validate how your problem statement fits in the real world by conducting user research. 

Day 4:

Take a deep breath, explore Goa like a Goan!

Day 5:

Solution Brainstorming for the problems that you have identified.

Day 6:

Skill Bazaar: Get access to the network of mentors and learn the skills you desire from them.

Day 7:

Prototyping: Build the prototype w.r.t the final solution designed by you and your Team.

Day 8:

Prototyping /Testing: Test the working prototype of the solution

Day 9:

Impact Modelling & Practice Pitching: Workaround the impact model for the solution developed followed by pitch practice

Day 10:

Open House & Party at Asylum: Present the solution to the panel and the community present in the space, followed by a backyard party!

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