The Hunters

SDG school sdg 3

Problem Statement

WHO ? Students at Grenoble WHERE ? At Grenoble (or Le Grau-du-roi) WHAT ? Get bitten by a mosquito, get diseases, uncomfort on the beach and worry/Anxiety “It is a phenomenon that we are seeing more and more, which is linked to the climate and humidity. And until quite late in September this year, we had rather mild temperatures with a lot of humidity. When it rains, particularly hard, collections of water form, puddles, or in garden tools for example, and this can last for several days. It takes twelve days for the larvae to become mosquitoes. Added to this is the ability of the females to lay their eggs in packs of 50 to 200, even under cover, in cellars, huts or stables, where there may be the slightest water source. All the ingredients for rapid mosquito development are therefore in place. WHY ? diseases transport/ discomfort/ fast proliferation

Primary research

Because we all faced mosquitoes during this summer.

Your final solution

That is the mosquito vacuum, intended for students. That object works with a rechargeable battery and activates a small ventilator which can aspirate the mosquitos which are near to the mosquito vacuum. Once the mosquitos are aspirated, they go to an electrical grid which kills them. When you cut the machine, they fall in a hole and you can remove the dead mosquitos by pulling a drawer. You can ask me how we can attract the mosquitos? Well, we have put above the machine UV lights and human smell vaporizations.

Skills used to make your project

Laser cutting/ 3D printing/ Electronics

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Project Contributors

Tristan Guerick Agoumbi Ogandaga tristanogandagaguerick@gmail.com | Dylan Ergen dylan.ergen1234@gmail.com | Justin Lozé Justin.loze@gmail.com | Tristan Le Goffic legoffictristan@gmail.com

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